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Katherine Cheng-Arif, a first generation immigrant, earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Public Policy and Management and Associates degree in Sociology from the University of Southern California in just 3 years at the age of 20. She has been featured as young entrepreneur on Newsweek and DBA Magazine in 1993. In addition, she has been featured in several news articles and commentaries from Houston Chronicle, WB39, and in the Sports & Entertainment Marketing 4th edition textbook. She also has published an article in High Performance Magazine and the JCI USA Magazine Fall 2009 issue.

Her efforts in helping the community can best be seen through her efforts in the Allison flood to the recent Hurricane Harvey when she gathered volunteers to help the victims by bring goods, clothing, basic necessities, and furniture. She has fundraised millions of dollars for relief efforts of disasters worldwide.

Jade's Food for Thought

Delicious Discoveries through Diversity

Jade’s Food for Thought is a heartwarming children’s book that follows the story of a young Taiwanese girl named Jade who shares her culture with her new friends at school. From traditional dresses and music to delicious Taiwanese snacks, Jade introduces her classmates to the rich and colorful aspects of her heritage. Through cultural exchanges, Jade and her friends learn to appreciate and celebrate diversity. This is an excellent choice for parents or educators looking for a children’s book that promotes diversity, cultural appreciation, and understanding. It teaches children the importance of embracing differences and appreciating the beauty that each culture brings. The book’s engaging storyline and colorful illustrations make it a fun and enjoyable read for kids while encouraging them to learn about different cultures, languages, and traditions. Additionally, the book offers an excellent opportunity for parents and educators to start conversations with kids about cultural diversity and acceptance, making it a valuable addition to any child’s bookshelf.

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Katherine Cheng-Arif’s all-new children’s book Jade’s Food for Thought: Delicious Discoveries through Diversity promotes the wonders of distinctiveness and cultural appreciation

Venue Management

Ignorance is Not An Excuse: Quick Guide to Successfully Managing a Venue while avoiding the Pitfalls

We can no longer say, “I don’t know.”We must arm ourselves with the knowledge as it is no longer an excuse. Due to a lack of resources and knowledge, venues have long been taking on the bulk of the risks and liabilities associated with events. This quick guide serves as an invaluable resource for those that are contemplating venue ownership or management as well as professionals that are focused on venue management. This book will dive into the common pitfalls and solution options, many of which are questions that have traditionally haunted business owners.

This fundamental guidebook will propel you to the next level by giving you knowledge and experience from an expert in the industry for over two decades.

What is included in this guidebook:

  • 1-2-3 Of how to establish your venue
  • Venue managers’ Toolbox of resources and solutions
  • Excellent Vendor Resources and how to use them
  • 3D Layouts combined with Virtual Tours
  • Fiscal Resources for Venue (SBA, Grants, & Leads)

If you want to save yourself from the “I wish I knew” and the “I don’t know,” this book is for you. It is the best guide to help you navigate the challenging road of Venue Management. Scroll up and hit the buy button to start your road to this resource and knowledge.

Unleashing the Power of Words with Uncompromising Quality

Very informative and great advice from a person that have been in the industry for many years. Highly recommend for anyone managing a venue or thinking about going into that business!


    This is a comprehensive and informative guide for anyone looking to purchase or build an event space with great advice from start-up through management. No fluff, simple solid advice from someone in the event space industry.

      T. Morris

      Great addition to my son's bedtime reading rotation. I love the representation of diversity in the book, beautiful pictures and an enjoyable story from the author. We love it! ❤️

        Marissa Tan

        Katherine at a local Elementary school Girl’s empowerment conference as a Guest Speaker.


        Talking about the event

        Literary Fusion:

        A Children’s Book Launch, Signing, Entertainment, and International Tasting Event showcasing Jade’s Food for Thought.


        Step into a world of diverse culinary wonders and captivating stories as we celebrate the much-anticipated release of “Jade’s Food for Thought.” Join us for an enchanting afternoon filled with delectable tastes, thought-provoking words, and the presence of the talented author, and kids consultants.

        Event Highlights:

        * Book Launch & Signing: Meet Katherine in person, get your copy of “Jade’s Food for Thought” signed, and receive exclusive insights into her creative process.
        * Global Tasting Journey: Embark on a gastronomic adventure, savoring a medley of international flavors that will transport your taste buds to distant lands.
        * Author Talk: Immerse yourself in fascinating discussions with Katherine as she shares the inspiration behind her book and the stories that influenced her diverse culinary explorations.
        * Live Readings: Experience the magic of the author as she brings her words to life through captivating live readings.
        * Networking & Community: Connect with fellow book lovers, food enthusiasts, and literary enthusiasts, forging connections and fostering a sense of community.
        *Fun Foodie Games to match for prizes
        *Local Southern Ice Cream Company 🍨
        *Custom Flipbook Station


        We are deeply humbled and immensely honored to have been recognized by esteemed government officials for our unwavering dedication to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and learning through the incredible works of authors. This recognition fuels our passion and strengthens our resolve to continue championing these values, inspiring change, and shaping a brighter future through the power of literature.

        Jade’s Food for Thought Book Signing and Experience

        Book Signing & Experience:


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